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Bitcoin Cash
Tether (ERC20)
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about us

The online gambling industry is one of the most profitable and promising industries out there. Players love online casinos and betting sites as they offer access from any place in the world. As long as the website is licensed and operates legally, people live spinning slots and playing card games without even leaving their homes.This is why EvolveBet has been launched. EvolveBet is an investment company that raises funds for the UpUpBet gambling online platform. It’s a project which is already generating money for the current team and investors. UpUpBet is an online gaming platform where every user can find something interesting and have fun. Whereas EvolveBet is trying to help promote this amazing project by gathering investments. Everyone can participate in this project and become an investor of UpUpBet. You can help promote a safe online gambling industry that offers joy and profit. You can become an investor and earn passive income. Moreover, you can even generate income without investing by participating in our affiliate programs. We have a bit of everything for everyone!learn more

How the Platform Works?

Become our partner and receive a guaranteed return on your profitable investment. Make a deposit on the platform and dividends will automatically be credited to your balance on the due date.


Create an account by registering on EvolveBet. Then log in again by using your login and password


Choose a plan, invest the amount of cryptocurrency that you wish


Get the amount of profit every day or every 7 days. The amount of profit is stated in your chosen plan depending on your investment

You can go to our page with a calculator and check what we offer.Note, the calculator shows a nearly precise sum of profit that you get considering the plan that you have chosen.But it may vary just a little bit depending on the marketing campaign that we fund from the investments gathered.

create an account

Choosing a Plan

We currently have two plans: a Black and a Red plan. These two plans are of fixed-income type, meaning, depending on your investment, you get a fixed sum of dividends that you gain at a certain date. Here are your options

start with 50 USDT


start with 300 USDT

We recognize the popularity of cryptocurrency and the fact that most people prefer not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or any other altcoins. Which Is why we offer an extensive list of cryptocurrencies to choose from to invest in.Use our calculator to calculate your income.

investment plan BLACK

The Black Investment Plan offers you a return of 288% on your investment (188% of pure profit) paying 1.6% every day. The minimum deposit for this investment plan is $50. The currency type can be changed depending on your preference. Depending on the budget of advertising companies and the need for investors' money, interest payment can be changed 1-2 times a week from 1.5% to 2% but can not be less than 1.5%.

Plan Terms

288% for 180 days


1.6% every day



Min. deposits

~ 50 USDT

Deposit type

principal included

investment plan RED

Red Investment Plan offers a total return of 126% on your investment (26% of pure profit), 21% will be deposited into your account every 7 days for 6 weeks, and the minimum investment is only $300. The type of crypto-token can also be changed. Depending on the budget of advertising companies and the need for investors' money, interest payment can be changed 1-2 times a week from 19% to 24.5%.

Plan Terms

126% for 42 days


21% every 7 days



Min. deposits

~ 300 USDT

Deposit type

principal included

Why choose

  • Easy and fast registration
  • Withdraw your earnings with 0% commission within 24 hours
  • Progressive multi-level affiliate program for active members
  • Additional bonuses for the growth of the partner structure
To get acquainted with the gaming platform we give all investors a Firstbet cash bonus for their first bet at UpUpBet. You can get up to $100 to your personal account on our gaming platform and try your luck without investing any personal funds. Your winnings will be available for withdrawal under the standard conditions. In addition, investors registered at UpUpBet can take part in a prize draw. To do this, enter in the BET section the account number assigned to you on the gaming platform.

Get a bonus to
play on the

affiliate program

Earn without investing any personal funds through our multi-level referral program by inviting your friends to join EvolveBet. Register new users through your unique referral link and receive a commission on their deposits on an ongoing basis
  • Jack status

    4% - 1% - 0.5%

  • King status

    6% - 1.5% - 1% - 0.5%

  • Joker status

    8% - 2% - 1.5% - 1% - 0.5%

Available after registration
Available after registration
Active partners
25 or more
Total deposits, USDT
5,000 or more
Active partners
100 or more
Total deposits, USDT
20,000 or more


Q4 2020
1 Oct - 31 Dec
  • Created a gambling website UpUpBet
  • Obtained a license of Curacao
  • Engaged opinion leaders and influencers for promotion
Q1 2021
1 Jan - 31 Mar
  • Developed idea of creating an investment platform EvolveBet
  • Invited developers, blockchain experts, and designers
Q2 2021
1 Apr - 30 Jun
  • Developed the investment platform EvolveBet
  • Established the EvolveBet community in various social networks
  • Launched the EvolveBet platform
Q3 2021
1 Jul - 30 Sep
  • Creating an affiliate program built on the RevShare model on UpUpBet
  • Customizing the product to the user needs
  • 2,000+ users on the UpUpBet website

evolve bet bonus

By encouraging the progress of our partners, we pay bonuses for the financial growth of your structure. If your team meets the conditions for disposal of a certain amount of investment, a new rank is assigned to you and a pleasant reward is paid. In addition, you can receive the Queen bonus whenever the total amount of deposits in your structure based on the results of the current month is higher than in the previous one.

EvolveBet Benefits

Evolve is a ready-made working tool that will increase your capital without any labor costs. You have at least 6 reasons to give preference to our company and create your first deposit right now
Guaranteed payments
Accruals is made within a clearly defined timeframe and in full
Ready-made business
You are investing in a promising gambling company
Professional approach
The project has been developed by a top-notch team of specialists and analysts
Licensed activities
The company operates under a Curacao license
Unlimited possibilities
Each partner can have any number of deposits on the platform
Professional support
EvolveBET’s support team is here to help you

what our clients says

Evovle nous permet d'investir dans les jeux en ligne. Le site est très bien fait, le design est magnifique, le dashboard est complet. Les informations sont claires et facilement disponibles. Le site paie rapidement. Nous devrions pouvoir gagner beaucoup d'argent avec Evovle.
- Aldebarant
I like referral programs, so that's where my story started. I have already registered more than 20 people and have a very solid passive income. I plan to invest in the near future and will certainly write a review about it afterward.
- Maria
To be honest, I am suspicious of this kind of project, so I was afraid to invest my money. I decided to start with a referral program. Result: I have registered three people, got a bonus, and created a deposit. I just withdrew my first earnings without spending a penny.
- Ben
I have decided to bet on the football team. The outcome of the match was predictable, so it was doubly satisfying to be convinced that I was right and to get the bonus as well. Let's keep playing!
- Paulo

checkout our latest news

Tether TRC20 (USDT) cryptocurrency has been added to Evolve

As we observed the rapid inflow of investments in USDT ERC20 tokens and followed the roadmap for the EvolveBet platform development, the decision was made to expand the list of cryptocurrencies accepted on our website. Users of our platform can choose USDT TRC20 to join the project now.

The ERC20 and TRC20 tokens are issued on different blockchains, use different address formats, and are not interchangeable. The TRC20 token features a higher transaction speed on the network and requires a lower fee for transferring USDT between accounts.

You have advanced investment opportunities now and are able to boost your capital in various cryptocurrencies. Choose the most convenient deposit conditions and earn more! Evolve knows the shortest route to achieving your goals.

09 Sep 07:00 UTC

French has been added to Evolve

To make sure all our users have a positive experience from using our platform, we have added the French language. Now, investors from France, Belgium, Canada, and other French-speaking countries can switch to their preferred language. To switch, click on the button depicting the English flag, it is located in the upper right corner of the website. Choose French and keep using the website in the language of your choosing. 

EvolveBet is a fundraising company. Its main project as of right now is UpUpBet. It’s a gambling site in which you can invest by using cryptocurrency. The site has a dozen of various cryptocurrencies to choose from. Users can also participate in affiliate programs and become a partner of EvolveBet.

02 Jul 15:00 UTC

Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency has been added to Evolve

EvolveBet is an investment platform created to raise funds for the UpUpBet project. To make everything easier for our clients, we have decided to raise funds in cryptocurrency. Any user can invest his preferred digital coin to participate in such a promising project as UpUpBet.

To guarantee the best possible experience to all users, Evolve keeps adding the most popular digital currencies. Now, you can choose Binance coin (BNB) cryptocurrency to invest in the project. 

If you want to gain additional profit, but don’t feel like investing, you can participate in our affiliate programs. Keep getting rewarded for recommending UpUpBet to your friends and people you know!

01 Jul 08:00 UTC

Spanish has been added to Evolve

To make sure every person can easily use EvolveBet, we added the Spanish language. To switch to Spanish, click on the US flag button and choose Español. EvolveBet platform offers unique opportunities to the users as well as to those who want to become partners of the project. 

EvolveBet is a fundraising project for the UpUpBet gambling website. Potential partners can invest in the project as the gambling industry is one of the most profitable businesses. 

EvolveBet projects can be also useful to people who don’t want to invest yet. The platform has two affiliate programs that you can check out on the site. Now you can learn everything about the project by switching to the Spanish language. 

26 Jun 10:00 UTC
Why Should You Choose EvolveBet?

EvolveBet is a reliable company that offers to invest in a profitable online gambling project. We have a clear strategy and fixed goals that we know how to achieve. We are honest with all our partners and investors which makes us a reliable company to invest in. We are completely transparent with our clients about how we use the money raised to promote the project. But here are the many reasons why you may want to invest in our project:

  • We offer to invest in an already launched and profitable project, this type of investment is less risky.
  • We have a couple of affiliate programs that might help you get passive income. In fact, you don't even have to invest to earn money from UpUpBet, just participate in affiliate programs to help us promote the gambling platform.
  • We use cost-effective marketing campaigns such as programmatic advertising, affiliate programs, content management, collaboration with bloggers, etc.
  • We offer additional bonuses and you can even test the platform by gambling. You will get a bonus as an investor that you can gamble on UpUpBet. Moreover, investors get a percentage from income generated by their referral links.

UpUpBet is an interactive, beautifully made website that we are very passionate about. Online gambling is the prospective future of the gambling industry. Do not miss your opportunity and become a part of this future.